Programs & Activities

Here are some of the programs and activities that YFC offers to the community

Distance Learning Center

In light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, we plan to expand upon our service offerings to include a more holistic family support model. We plan to bring families into our office, virtually, and some in person, to help with distance learning during the school year.

Summer Camps

Youth and Family Circle’s cornerstone program has taken over 1,000 kids and the families during the summer months to camp. There are community-building activities and educational events that cover swimming, fishing, mental health, and culturally relevant education.

College Tours

During college tours students get visit campuses of prestigious schools in the area such as St. Paul College, Inver Hills Community College, the University of St. Thomas.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing occur place where students can shadow a professional in their intended field of study, such as a doctor or nurse at the University of Minnesota Medical Center.

Support Groups

  • Girls Support Groups- A safe place to speak about sexual assault.
  • Boys Support Groups- A place for boys to gather. Help them out with hardships and addictions, a safe haven for them to talk about it- professional counselors to deal with this. 
  • Family Support Groups- Include our partnership with Alliance Wellness, which is Rehab for in-patient boys and girls out-patient and support group for families of kids who need services.
  • Single Parent Support Groups- The coming together and sharing ideas and support for one another.

Educational Events

Youth and Family Circle holds many community education events and seminars around prevention tools to inspire positive outcomes in these areas-

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Internet
  • Educational
  • Soft skills- Security, friendship, respect


Our mentorship program involves a one on one relationship that spans multiple years. This program provides someone who keeps up with the student, being by their side, and showing that their mentor cares about their lives.

Pathway To Career

In addition to college visits, we continually push our youth toward a bright and prosperous future. We host career day two times per year to inspire our kids’ minds and what they want to do with their lives post-high school as high school.

Community Engagement Events

Food drives serving hundreds of families and thousands of people annually. We are thankful for our partners, including The Food Group, Holy Land Restaurant, and Karibu Grocery. In 2020, we fed over 500 families in need, well over 1,000 people total.

We partner with local municipalities Fire Departments to educate youth on how to deal with fire in their houses.

Community Picnics take place throughout the summer months typically to places like Harriet Island Park and other parks within the St. Paul area.

Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office sends officers to our camp to invoke a stronger community among our youth.

MN State and Parks Officials group trains and speaks at our events on boating, fishing, boating, winter camps, etc.